born 1961


  resident Hagenbrunn near Vienna  
  1977 - 1980
Print Maker and Designer for KINDERMANN  
    Designer of curtains and wallpaper
for Prof. Ernst FUCHS – resident artist of Vienna

Textile printer for original works by Wolfgang HUTTER, artist.

  1981 - now Workshop Textile printer  
  1981 - 1985

Teacher at the College
of Art and Industrial Fashion, Linz, Austria
  1986 - 1992

Designer and printer for OPTYL
an international spectacle manufacturer
who conceive and produce designs for
Dior, Paloma Picasso, Viennaline, Dunhill, ect.
  1992 - now Design and Marketing for specialized textiles.  

Establishment of Scraped Acrylic Works.
Sizes vary from 50cm x 70cm to 100cm x 80cm.

Installation of Acrylic Works in the office of
"SUN COMPANY" (33 works) and
"LOHBERGER" (10 works).
    Exhibitions at numerous galleries including the "GALERIE KOKO".